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UK Hardcover
US Hardcover

Now Available in the UK and US

The Conquest has been made, the Empire expanded, and the Earth lost, twice over...

Syl Hellais is the first of the alien Illyri race to be born on Earth. Paul Kerr is a teenage Resistance fighter. In search of freedom, they found each other.

With the Illyri invasion came the promise of a new future for mankind—one in which deserts would flourish and terminal illness would be cured—but with it also came a sleeping terror, for within the worst of the invaders dwells an ancient parasite known only as the Others.

And now the blue planet has been presented to the Others like an offering.

On the Marque, stronghold of the secretive Nairene Sisterhood, Syl uncovered secrets that their keepers would kill to keep hidden. Because of what they know, she and Paul are forced to run for the lives, chased through the mysterious Derith wormhole from which no one has ever returned. Yet Derith's secrets are far stranger than they imagined. Trapped in a dimension beyond their own, they finally emerge to discover a universe that has moved on without them. Five years have passed, there is a Civil War raging among the Illyri, much of humanity has been destroyed by the Others, and, most surprising of all, the Sisterhood's leader, Archmage Syrene, has disappeared into the bowels of the Marque.

But before she cloistered herself, Syrene chose her replacement. The Sisterhood has a new leader... And the danger is greater than anyone could ever have imagined.

It will fall to Syl and Paul to save this world—to save all worlds—from the horror that lurks in the darkness.

DOMINION is the thrilling climax to the story that began with CONQUEST and continued with EMPIRE.

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Headline UK
Simon & Schuster US

Copies of the UK edition of DOMINION signed by both authors are available from Alan Hanna's Bookshop, Goldsboro Books, The Gutter Bookshop, and No Alibis Books.