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As the human rebellion against the Illyri continues on Earth, Syl Hellais is banished to the Marque, the sealed convent of the mysterious Nairene Sisterhood. Resistance leader Paul Kerr is an Illyri captive, fighting other conquered populations as a member of the Brigades.

But a darker force is at work among the Illyri, and the Nairene Sisterhood—led by its Archmage, Syrene—is its instrument. As they pursue the conquest of other planets, the Illyri are a society at war with itself. That conflict threatens the very fabric of the universe, and Syl and Paul must find a way back to each other to fight it.

EMPIRE continues the exciting story that began with CONQUEST.

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"Empire never treats its readers as part of some particular clique. It is an universally great story . . . you should just enjoy it for what it is: a superb adventure."

"[A]nyone who enjoys fantasy, science fiction, adventure or almost anything reading wise for that matter, could get a lot out of this. There are some thrills and spills, mystery elements, a gorgeously drawn romance, extravagant and ingenious worlds to explore and bang at the heart of it simply a darn good yarn."
   —Liz Loves Books

"Alien planets, power struggles, mystical powers, you name it, it's here. Oh, and the occasional smattering of romance, but not much of that given the two main characters are separated by half a galaxy. Although this is labelled YA, there's nothing to distinguish it from any good science fiction I've read."
   —Jax Blunt, Making It Up

"The conspiracies of Conquest explode in Empire. We learn a lot more about what is going on . . . I found it utterly engrossing, confident and sophisticated."
   —For Winter Nights

"Empire is a brilliant book, perhaps even better than the first one."
   —Escapades of a Bookworm

"I love this book. I love this series. I need the next book ASAP."
   —Imogen's Typewriter